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Live Simple. Be Happy.

Decluttering Made Easy


Decluttering Made Simple!

Time for a garage saleDecluttering Made Easy.

You say, “Not me and my clutter! We’re beyond hope.” But wait! There is still hope! I promise.

Decluttering is liberating. You can do this. Just take it one step at a time. Here’s how:

You Can Eat an Elephant One Bite at a Time!

You Can Eat an Elephant One Bite at a Time!

I’ve done a lot of decluttering in my life. I like things simple and easy. Over the years, I developed my Decluttering Made Easy method.

Try this strategy for  Decluttering Made Easy to restore sanity to your home and life, by creating a neat, clean, and organized space that is beautiful and inviting. You’ll be amazed at how   living in the decluttered-zone makes you feel. It actually impacts all areas of your life.

So let’s get started helping you live with less stress and more freedom, happiness, creativity and better quality relationships with the people you love. Decluttering is life changing! Here’s how you do it:

Schedule Decluttering Sessions

Schedule Decluttering Sessions. Start with short sessions and work your way into longer ones.  This gives you staying power,

Schedule it –  Letting clutter build up usually means you either get overwhelmed with all the tasks you need to keep up with or most likely you have a hard time letting go of things. It’s best to start slowly because it may be an emotional process that you need to be mindful of and compassionate with yourself about while you go through it.

Start slow and small. Doing a little at a time is better than not doing it at all. Start with10-15-minute sessions. Once you’ve gotten the process started, increase the time of the sessions. Start with easy stuff. Clear off a countertop or shelf. Or, start with a small cabinet.

This is a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t worry about how much time it takes to win the race. Just start putting one foot in front of the other and keep on keeping on. Stay focused on one task at a time.

To Keep or Let Go?

To Keep or Let Go?  One method to help you decide is to hold the item you are in question about close to your heart.  Hold it there for a minute or two.  Be mindful of how you feel.  Does it make you happy?  if not, let it go.  If it does, keep it.

A Five Point Strategy critical to your decluttering success:

1) Keep every decluttering  appointment you schedule with yourself. Don’t procrastinate and avoid.

2) Be willing to face the emotions that come up. Let them come up. It is healthier for you to feel those feelings, no matter how uncomfortable they are, than it is to bury them in a mound of clutter. Ask yourself what these emotions are trying to tell you. There is a reason these feelings are coming up. Deal with them. You’ll be glad you did.

3) Don’t spend more time than you scheduled. Don’t overdo or avoid. Overwhelming feelings can sabotage the process. Be consistent. Slow and steady wins the race to the clutter-free zone.  Keep a balance – make sure you take some time off from your decluttering project. You don’t want to burn out and start to resent the process. We want this to empower you, not give you another reason to be hard on yourself.

Label Five Boxes: Trash, Donate, Sell, Storage, Relocate

Label Five Boxes: Trash, Donate, Sell, Storage, Relocate

4) Let go of stuff – Label boxes to help you organize stuff as you start to declutter. Set aside boxes for Trash, Donations, Storage, Relocate, Sell. This will help you create a simple system that will reduce the clutter and overwhelm during the process. As you sort through things and organize them into boxes, get rid of them as soon as they are full. Throw the trash out. Drop off the donation box at your favorite charity. Store away the stuff you are going to keep in the place you designate for it. The items in the Relocate Box will remain in your home, but in a new location. Some may be part of your new decor, while others may be repurposed.  When the Sell box fills up, hold a garage sale. When you run out of boxes, get more and repeat the process. Label them and keep going until you finish!

5) Create a system that keeps the clutter from creeping back into your life and home. a) Every time you bring a new item home, let go of something else. This may be a difficult concept to grasp, but it will keep you mindful of accumulating unnecessary things. And, it will save you time and money. Try to appreciate what you have and ask yourself if you really need something before you buy it. b) Once a year, do a some spring cleaning to keep things decluttered. Clean out your garage and closets. You’ll be surprised at how liberating and good having less actually feels. You have more freedom when you have less stuff to weigh you down. You can do this. It’s good for you! Now take one small step today to enter the declutter-zone. You’ll be glad you did.


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