Eat Natural to Be Unstoppable!

Eat Simple, Be Happy!  Eat Natural to be unstoppable!

Want to feel sharp, strong, and great every day, all day long?   Eat only natural foods.

Nature’s Bounty is chock full of hundreds of nutrients that create and support health.  What’s more, natural foods are more quickly and easily assimilated into our bodies.  Further, when we eat a variety of foods at the same meal, they help our bodies even more! It’s true: if you eat natural you WILL be unstoppable!  Read on to learn how!

Eat foods that look the way they grew.

Eating healthy is fun.  The food tastes wonderful.   Avoid, at all cost,  foods with additives, chemicals, white flour, added fats, salt, processed sugars, and saturated food.  Go by one simple rule:  does this food look like the way it grew?  Or is it something made by humans?  Manufactured food is never as beneficial to our health as pure, unadulterated food.


Phytochemicals, also called phytonutrients is a group of over  5,000 plant nutrients that play a major role in human health and longevity, including preventing cancer.  They are absorbed by the body through plant foods.   Importantly, for optimal benefits, eat foods with a wide variety of form and color.  Variety is a key factor to the optimization of plant nutrition.  Variety in form, and color creates synergy! 

The Natural Food Groups


Green leafy veggies are at the top of  the list.  They are loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and much more.  All vegetables are great for you.  Eat lots of veggies every day.  They can be fresh or frozen, cooked or raw.  Very healthy people who are full of energy every day, all day long, eat lots of veggies every day!


Fruits contain natural sugars that give you a boost. Like veggies, they are full of astounding nutrients for optimum health. Fruits are full of flavor.  They can be fresh or frozen, and are great in smoothies with protein for breakfast.


Nuts, Seeds, Grains, and Beans

All of the above are actually seeds.  However, we distinguish them in food groups because they are packed with nutrition and energy.  Nuts and seeds along with berries and fruits make satisfying snacks.


Proteins are the building blocks of cells.  They are found in everything that is alive, including animals. I don’t recommend getting protein from animal sources, because the production of fish, poultry and cattle has reached a level that is causing unfathomable damage to the ozone layer.  Greenhouse gases are trapping Methane and CO2, causing global warming, climate change and serious damage to Planet Earth.  Ice bergs are melting so fast that in twenty years the ocean level will wipe out whole countries.

What many people don’t know is that vegetables, seeds, nuts and beans are  great sources of protein.  To get complete proteins from non-animal sources, be sure to have variety at each meal. For example, legumes and grains are good protein sources.  To get a complete protein that contains all the necessary amino acids, simply eat two or more different vegetable proteins and you’ll be fine. Take vitamen B12 supplements, if you are vegan, since you will not get it in your diet.


Making tasty meals makes food delectable, inviting, and fun to eat. When you look on the Web, there are literally millions of wonderful recipes using natural foods.

This site has several tasty recipes.  Many are old-fashioned, and many are made-up brand new. They’ve been concocted in my kitchen over the last many decades.  They all have one thing in common; they are delicious! Click here for recipes.





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