Good Food for Good Health

Good Food for Good Health: How to Get Started 

Nature provides a huge array of good food for good health that nurtures us, gives us strength, stamina and longevity.  We are part of an ecosystem on our beautiful Blue Planet. We need to eat things as close to their natural state as possible if we want to get and keep our health and feel great. We need to eat healthy. Incidently, eating good food for good health is alsohealty for our planet!

Green Vegetables Are Super-Foods

Stuff in containers with a lot of words on the label you can’t even pronounce IS NOT REAL FOOD!  IT WILL DO NOTHING TO CONTRIBUTE TO VIBRANT HEALTH!  In my opinion, the proper label should be: WARNING:  CONSUMPTION OF THIS PRODUCT CAN BE HARMFUL TO YOUR HEALTH!  Because it can, and it will.

Most of us know we don’t eat healthy even though we know we need to eat healthy. If not now then when? Eating healthy can taste good too!

Walk into any grocery store, and look what people are buying.  What are you buying?  I can guarantee you that most of it is in a box, plastic, or glass.  If you read the label, you’ll see mostly chemical words.  The chemicals are necessary to make the food taste good and last a long time on the shelf.  Manufactured food will do nothing to help us eat healthy.  It is designed to be addictive in order to generate huge profits for the manufacturer. Our health is not their priority.

How to Eat Healthy – Helpful Hints

Helpful Hint 1) Buy foods in their natural state — as they grew.  They were made by nature for us. Eat fresh fruit and vegetables, roots, raw nuts and seeds, beans, grains, and grasses.  Eat fresh.  You will be amazed at how wonderful good food tastes, how easy it is to prepare (many foods need not preparation other than to be washed), and how it satisfies your appetite and your hunger.

Healthy Bio Vegetables Freshly Picked from the Garden

Healthy Bio Vegetables Freshly Picked from the Garden

Add unadulterated animal protein to your “eat healthy” diet.  Eat grass-fed meat and poultry that has had no antibiotics or hormones administered to them. (More about why later.)  Eat wild-caught fish (vs “farmed” fish).  Eat eggs laid by grass-fed, cage-free hens.

Nature is smarter than we are.  It created a huge variety of foods to sustain us.  Paleolithic people didn’t have food factories or grocery stores.  They were hunters and gatherers, living mostly off wild game they killed, and berries.

When people began growing things, they ate “as is” when it was pulled, picked, or dug up.

These people were healthy and strong.  To this day, there are Aborigine people who eat this way.   They live long and die with all their own teeth in their head.  In fact, dental caries are not found among them.

 Nature's Butter Avocados

Nature’s Butter

Now I know at this point you may be thinking, “You mean I have to give up cheeseburgers and fries, a succulent steak with a baked potato loaded with sour cream and butter?  And what about bacon with my eggs for breakfast, or a donut and coffee on the run?  And the kids?  No ice cream, potato chips, or macaroni and cheese? And no more Frappucinos, with whipped cream on top?”

Keep reading.  I promise you don’t have to be miserable to eat healty. It’s actually enjoyable!

Helpful Hint  2) Prepare your own food.  You may be thinking, I don’t have time for that.  Actually, you do.  It’s a matter of changing your lifestyle, not a matter of time.

For example, it takes time to stop at the store to pick up already prepared foods loaded with chemicals. You have to park. Get a cart. Walk in the store. Find the food. Wait on line to pay.  Walk back to your car. Wait in traffic in the parking lot to leave. All that takes at least a half-hour.  You can fix a healthy all-natural meal in fifteen minutes. And it costs less. People think fast food is faster and more convenient than preparing your own food. But it isn’t. Think about it. You have to drive there. Order. Wait in the line to get your food. Then drive home to eat it, when you could have just driven home and cooked something healthier sooner.  There is no more time involved than just going straight home and preparing your own food. In fact, it saves you time.

Helpful Hint 3) Plan and prepare you meals for the week. It will save you time and money. 

Mexican food - delicious tacos with ground beef

Mexican food – delicious tacos with ground beef

Give yourself variety and options.  Sometimes my taste buds are not in the mood for the meal that was “planned.” Instead, when I shop, I buy what I think is enough for a week’s supply of veggies for salads, frozen veggies for stir-fries and other dinners, lots of fresh fruit for my sweet tooth and desserts, frozen poultry, fish and meat, as well as some healthy snack foods like nuts and seeds, and dried fruit and veggies.

Helpful Hint 4) Be sure all meat and poultry you buy is grass-fed and hormone, antibiotic–free, and the fish are wild-caught instead of farmed.

Numerous scientific studies have proven that eating meat and poultry loaded with antibiotics are making it more and more difficult for doctors to treat patients with illnesses caused by bacteria.  New, stronger Super-Bugs (bacteria) are appearing on the scene, and they are resistant to all or most of the antibiotics available. The World Health Organization fears that this could lead to massive pandemics worldwide, without the ability to treat infections.

Hormone-laden meat and poultry we eat has serious health risks as well.  It is believed that these overdoses of hormones in our system lead to cancer.  Also, many doctors feel they contribute to early onset of puberty.  We see eight, nine, and ten-year-old girls growing breasts and beginning menses.  Three decades ago, this didn’t occur until ages 12, 13, or older.

Beautiful Healthy Meal with Candlelight and Love

Beautiful Healthy Meal with Candlelight and Love

Helpful Hint 5) Weaning off of fast foods, processed foods, junk snacks, sweets, and salt, isn’t going to happen overnight.  Try changing one meal at a time. Dinner might be a good way to start.  Buy enough healthy food for dinner meals for a week.  They can be simple and easy to fix.  Include a protein, veggie, and carbohydrate for dinner, and fruit for dessert.  A glass of organic wine, candlelight and cloth napkins can make the meal special. You are being proactive about beginning a new healthy lifestyle.  Mark it with quiet celebration.

Continue weaning on week two by planning and eating a second healthy meal.  I recommend breakfast. Cook some oatmeal, add berries and almond milk, and you’ll have staying power for the next three hours.   Save changing your lunch eating habits until the third week of transforming your eating habits. It’s usually a meal away from home and can be a bit more challenging.

Change your lunch to a healthy meal. You can prepare it and take it with you.  A fresh salad you made yourself with lots of greens and other colorful veggies, with some protein (hard boiled egg, cooked chicken) makes a fabulous and filling meal

A Delicious Salad for Lunch

A Delicious Salad for Lunch

.  Eating healthy is about eating lots of veggies.  They are loaded with vitamins and minerals and cancer-fighting components.  They are fiber-rich, which satiates you and keeps you from getting hungry.

Purchase an insulated lunch bag big enough for your lunch and snacks. Fresh fruit, nuts, seeds, crunchy carrots and hummus or almond butter make healthy and satisfying snacks, and will keep you from being tempted by the vending machine!  Explore, create, and try new healthy snacks.  Dried fruits and veggies are nice alternatives.

Helpful HINT 6) Drink plenty of water.  Put a little lemon juice in it and some ice.  Many times people mistake hunger for thirst.  If you get in the habit of drinking plenty of water throughout the day, you will not only feel better, but you will think better too!  The brain needs plenty of water.

This tip can be a bit difficult for people addicted to soft drinks.  Soft drinks are the enemy of good health.  The phosphorous in them leaches calcium from your bones, causing osteoporosis. Substitute soft drinks with iced tea.  There are many different delicious varieties.

Tip 7) How to stay committed.  By now you are probably noticing that you feel better.  You

"An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away"

“An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away”

have more stamina, you don’t get hungry so often,  and you’re probably in a great mood most of the time.  However, eating healthy is not yet the norm in our culture.  At times, you will be faced with situations where the possibility of eating healthy doesn’t exist.  Here is where all the healthy eating you’ve been doing is on your side.  Read on….

When you eat healthy as a rule, when you voluntarily or involuntarily “fall off the wagon”, it won’t hurt.  Good health takes time to restore and maintain.  If you’ve been taking good care of yourself by eating healthy over a sustained period of time, one unhealthy meal of snack isn’t going to hurt.  Just stay committed to your good health and jump back into your healthy eating habits immediately, or as soon as possible.  When you notice the difference in how you feel, it’s not hard to choose an apple over a donut.

Helpful Hint 8)  Foods and Recipes.  It’s always helpful to have a list of healthy foods to choose from.  Recipes are great for getting you started preparing your own healthy meals.  After awhile, you’ll have many of them memorized, and may even creating some of your own! 

I hope this information about healthy eating motivates and inspires you.  If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, we welcome hearing from you!

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