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Woke up Late? Don’t Panic!

Woke up Late? Don’t Panic!  Look and Feel Great InTen Minutes!

Woman waking up and running late looking at the alarm clock

Panic! Waking up and running late for work!

Yikes!  You woke up late, but don’t worry! You can go from shower to shoes in ten minutes!  Here’s a proven method to get you dressed and out the door and feeling great in ten minutes! It gets the juices flowing! You may even consider sleeping in late every day!


She'll spend no more than a minute to brush her teeth. If she's super-rushed, she can use the mouthwash from her emergency kit during her commute to work!

She’ll spend no more than a minute to brush her teeth. If she’s super-rushed, she can use the mouthwash from her emergency kit during her commute to work!

Five Simple Steps to Get You Up and Out the Door Fast!

Let the countdown begin! Ready, set, go!

  1. Minutes one and two: Jump start the day with a 2-minute shower. No time to wait for the water to warm up. Just dive in and wake up fast. It will get your brain working too.
  2. Minute three: Brush those pearly whites just fast enough to get rid of your morning breath. (Use the mouthwash in your “woke-up-late-emergency-kit” on your way to work.)
  3. Minutes four, five and six:  Men, shave and comb your hair.  Ladies apply minimum make-up. All you need is a little foundation, some blush, and eyeliner or mascara, no time for both. Grab your favorite lip color and whatever else you need to finish applying at work. Throw it in your purse to apply later at work. There’s no time to worry about a bad hair day today. For long hair- Run a brush through it and then throw up into a messy bun or ponytail. Short hair is a cinch. A little gel and you’re good to go. Or, be creative and throw on a headband, scarf or hat. No need to sacrifice style.
  4. Minutes seven, eight, and nine: Use the K.I.S.S.formula – Keep it Simple Sweetie. As long as it all matches and covers all your parts, throw it on and keep moving. If you have a favorite outfit you feel great in, today is the day to dress for success. It will reduce stress because you’ll feel and look great. Helpful hint: Get in the habit of selecting your outfit the night before to save time in the morning. You’ll be glad you did on mornings you run late.
  5. Last but not least – minute 10: Check your attitude and set it at “Fantastic”!  Grab a banana, bagel or the protein bar you stashed in your “woke-up late emergency kit” to eat during your commute. Don’t forget your keys, purse and phone, and kiss on the cheek of your loved ones on your way out the door! You’re on your way! You did it!

Create a “Woke-Up Late” Emergency Kit.

You’ll be glad you did the next time if you wake up late. You don’t need much. But it will save you tons of time. Stock a small bag keep in your purse, backpack, or car with the following items – Deodorant, Travel-Size Mouthwash, Comb or Brush, Hair Scrunchy, Clip, or Headband, Hat for bad hair days, Protein Bar(s), Lip Color, Mascara/Eyeliner, Small Magnifying Mirror, Q-Tips and anything else you need. Keep this emergency kit stocked and with you at all times. It could make the difference between showing up late and looking great or . . . . 🙁

Another helpful hint:  Get into the habit of laying out your clothes the night before. It will save you time even on the mornings you aren’t running late. But when you are it will save you precious minutes when they count.

He woke up late, got ready in ten minutes. He left for work feeling great knowing he'll be on time!

He woke up late but got ready in ten minutes, so he’s on time and feeling great! 

You woke up late, but you feel great and you’re on time!

Maybe you even feel a bit smug like you cheated the “system” by sleeping in on a work day!

If this has been helpful, print it out and stick it on your bathroom mirror for quick reference when you need it the next time you wake up late.






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